Best Ringtone Maker for iPhone

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Make your own ringtone for your iPhone. Create personalised ringtones quickly and easily.

Simply open the app, select your favourite song and save it as a ringtone. You can cut your ringtone any way you like, with slider you can choose the start and the ending of your ringtone. Save your new ringtone to computer or directly to iTunes.

How to Sync Ringtones/Tones to iPhone?

1. Connect your phone to iTunes
2. Drag and drop your ringtones to On My Device – Tones
3. Click Sync button.

Apple removes the Tones tab in latest iTunes 12.7 update. In other words, tones tab missing from iTunes is one of the changes Apple made, and it is not an iTunes problem or bug. So there is no way to fix this iTunes Ringtones/Tones tab not appearing problem.